Monday, March 23, 2009


Christmas 2009 Bynoe Harbour

28 December 2008
Turnbull Harbour to Darwin, Tipperary Marina 35 nm 8 hours
Inside of Guilfoyle Reef. Windy 10-15 knots, swell rolly. Wanted to catch the incoming tide at Point Charles to bring us in Darwin Harbour. Rounded Point Charles-depth at 1.6 at one stage and quickly turned out to deeper water. Smoother water, Humenam and Rollin-on in front of us. Tidal current giving us a good push with a swell. We waited half hour on mooring until tide was high enought to allow us to enter in to Tipperary Marina Lock. Back to work tomorrow.

27 December 2008
Crab Claw Resort to Brown Point to Turnbull Harbour 10 nm 2 hrs
11.30 leaving on an outgoing tide and headed to Turnbull Bay to anchor overnight before heading back to Darwin. Nice harbour tucked in behind island. Shallow in parts, beach and people fishing off the beach. There are also fishing shcks further up the coast.

25 December 2008
Crab Claw Resort
Uncomfortable anchorage. We rung the kids early in the morning and participated in a conference call to Mum, Dad, Liz and Lee, Ken and Sue and Tom. sWe then took the dingy ashore and spent the rest of the day in the pool at the resort, getting out at lunch time to enjoy a suptuous smorgous board including Morten Bay Bugs, prawns, fish, beef, and other yummy food. We also consumed a couple fo bottleof champagne. Weather was hot and very humid. We then went and had a sleep in the late afternoon and enjoyed a shower of rain.

24 December 2008
Tipperary Waters Marina to Crab Claw Resort -Bynoe Harbour 45 nm 9 hours

Leaft work early and arrived at the Marina at 3pm just as Paul was throwing off the bowlines. I stepped off the jetty onto the boat and Paul reversed out. It was a rising tide and we entered the lock as I got the fenders tided up and changed into sailing gear.

We exited out of the lock and as we rounded Stokes Hill wharf the seas got a bit choppy making me very sea sick-I had not been sailing for a bit and boy did I feel ill. Out came the seasick bracelet making me feel at least a bit better. Paul however was unaffected and was enjoying the freedom.

I was so sea sick and the water so choppy that the eggs fell off the bench (why did I not put them away??) so Paul had to go down (I couldn't) and clean the mess up.

As the sun disappeared the night turned black as black, no moon. We followed Maxsea and avoided the pearl farms as we stayed inside the channel. We anchored at 12pm and as Paul did not calculate tide correctly we had to re-anchor. Of course the chain was going straight into the front locker and I had to go below and reflake and then reanchor. After that we fell right into bed and crashed. Anchored near MisBehavin, Twin Imps and Hunemun.

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