Friday, December 31, 2004


Perth to Quindalup

Dawesville 26th Dec
Internet Access CDMA and Voda YES
Left with Boats on way down
to Quindalup from FSC. Stopped off at Dawesville at Chris's house in the
canals. Spend evening with daughter. Mike and Helen from Proteus
joined us tying up at jetty across form us. We watched amazing tidal
movements which we later learned was from Achea tsunami.

Bunbury 27th Dec
Internet Access CDMA and Voda
YES Headed off to Koombana Bay- a
beautiful place where we had dinner at the Koombana Bay sailing Club, again
watching the tides rise and fall. Warning that tidal movement was up to 2
metre difference. Late that night a storm came over us, we narrowly missed
a boat and two other boats were aground. Sea rescue was called out.

Quindalup 28th Dec
InternetAccess CDMA external Antenna YES Reached Quindalup with a fantastic
exhilarating sail and enjoyed great weather and social events during our time

Assorted Photos

Map of this trip so far