Monday, January 31, 2005


January Newsletter

Happy New Year.
We had new year on the beach at Quindalup (just north of Dunsborough) celebrating Sydney New year at 9am so we could head off to bed early.(Yes Tracy could not last past 9.45 again)
We had a great trip down from Perth to Dawesville to Bunbury to Quindalup with fantastic winds and we got steady speeds of 6-8 knots really great.
The tsunami did have an effect on tides- quite amazing really. We were sitting with Danielle in Dawesville watching the water rise and fall almost 1 metre plus every 20 minutes.
in Bunbury we enjoyed lunch with Kerry and Terry Preston ( my cousins)it was good to catch up with them. then a BBQ at the Koombana sailing club again watching the tide rise and fall quite dramatically.
We then headed back to the boat after dinner at about 8pm when it started raining. We were woken up by the start of some large swells and high winds in the harbour. Two boats went aground and we dragged anchor nearly 20 metres (manly due to not putting enough chain out) almost collecting another yacht with us, but Paul's great thinking saved the day avoiding the collision. The blow was estimated to have reached up to 50+ knots. Paul and the other yachties got out and tried to pull the first boat off but was unable to, sea rescue was called out. However the tide rose and sea rescue pulled the other boat off and the boys pushed the other smaller boat out as the tide rose (almost 1.5 metres).
The tides have now returned to normal and we have just heard from friends in Thailand and they are fine (thank goodness).
Our time here at Quindalup has been fun filled with sundowners on the beach every night, a sail and picnic to Castle Rock one day, kite flying competitions and so on. There has been a lot of socialising and we have had a ball.
We will be staying here at Quindalup enjoying the lovely weather and swimming resting up for the Legacy Camp Kids trip on our boat on the 6th of Jan and then returning to a mooring at Eagle Bay sometime before the 10th Jan.
All the best for the New Year and we will be thinking of you.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Quindalup to Albany

Quindalup 28th Dec
Internet Access CDMA external Antenna YES Had a great time here and went
back to Dawesville to see Danielle and Chris and then back down to Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay 26th Jan
Internet Access CDMA external Antenna YES stayed here one night on
Bernie and Sues Mooring then onto Hamelin

Hamelin Bay 28th Jan
Internet Access CDMA external Antenna YES Nice sail to Hamelin and
caught 3 Tuna meet up with Brian and Ruth Combley

Albany 30th Jan
Internet Access CDMA and Voda
YES Well the dreaded trip around the
Cape turned out to be a motor sail all the way with 1 Metre Seas and 5 to 15 Kt
of wind, the trip took 36Hrs.a very scenic trip, we also went out to the shelf
to catch the Leeuwin current

Assorted Photos of Quindalup
Assorted Photos of Perth to Albany
Map of this trip so far