Monday, February 28, 2005


Febuary Newsletter

Hi everyone, well we are still afloat and doing well.
We Arrived in Albany after a lovely motor sail around the cape from Hamlin bay anchoring at Frenchman's Bay for a couple of nights and then went over to Oyster harbour and picked up a mooring.
A night of conflicting wind and tide saw us meet with Jill and Matt from "Wooshee" (FSC Boat on there way back from a Tasi Cruise) on another mooring. After prying away from each other we caught up with them for a morning coffee when daybreak came to assess the damage- thankfully we were no the worse for the encounter. Amazing how one can arise in an instant when an emergency occurs and still emerge fully dressed.
Paul had a doctors appointment in Perth (not Sydney-in-house joke for those of you in the know) so we put Cockatoo II on the hard for some maintenance work- repairing some antifouling spots which were bubbling, the prop shaft seal (which was still leaking and thankfully no longer does ) and engine 100hr service. They did a great job and were extremely competent and well priced $35.00 per hour and the old FSC boat lifter looks really great.
We caught the bus up to Perth for a week and stayed with the girls.
After arriving back into Albany we put Cockatoo II into the water and parked around the side of green Island in Oyster Bay (found 15 rock oysters on a walk around it also. Very Nice to). We caught up with Paul's godparents Sue and Murray Milne who lent us there car and shower and I did the washing as well. I caught up with Jenni Flotman from the Albany Library we also met up with one of Pauls old mates from Corrigin Phil Bailey and had a few BBQs and a shower . The showers where great as they allowed us to save water while in Oyster Harbour as we did not want to run the water maker in the harbour. We stayed there until the 26th when we did the right thing and voted and headed off that same morning for Two People's Bay.
What was a pleasant sail with the A Symmetric up turned out to be an experience, just when we were bringing it down a wind gust came up and the rope was unrecoverable, then someone (me) forgot to put a knot in the end of the rope and it all came apart, we therefore had to put the sail into the water and drag her behind, except it got caught in our anti cray pot wire between the keel and the rudder under the boat. So we sailed into Two People's Bay out of the wind and Paul used the hooker to jump in and untangle the sail, It was great having the power dive hooker it made life very easy (result a torn sail desperately in need of repair and only flown 5 times @#$%&).
Needless to say Paul was excited when our readings told him our best peak speed was 13.1 knots.
After a couple of nights at Two peoples Bay we headed off to Waychinicup River but the swell was too big to get in and it was unclear to ascertain if it was the actual entrance to safely make our way into that beautiful river. So off to Hassell Bay, then our destination Swell was 2-3 meters making it quite a nice sail, wind dropped in the last hour to 10kn so motor sailed in and a pod of five dolphins escorted us into Hassell Bay.
After an uncomfortable night due to swell as the wind changed to a north easterly we left for our next stop. The swell was large and we were both quite seasick. The wind was right on our nose the seas were very confused, our average speed was 2-3 knots under motor only. We got a little water inside especially the front V Berth as I had shut the hatch but forgotten to latch it. We also found out which cupboards do not lock and how to pack things away properly. Found a lovely sheltered bay behind Cheyenne Island.
Today after airing out all the contents of the V birth and moping up a bucket of water from the V berth we headed to Little Boat Harbour in Dillon Bay, one before Bremer Bay. this is sheltered and has beautiful beaches. Paul caught a Tuna on the way and we are just putting it on the BBQ now.
Some Technical info and stats so far
We have had internet and phone coverage with the Telstra CDMA phone all the way around including all the remote bays so this has worked well so far. Its been good to be easily able to get all weather services and to order new main shaft seals etc.
The water maker has been excellent and we have been using it every 3 days on average.
We added some fuel in Albany and this meant our average fuel usage was 2.7 Litres a hour
The Computers and the cmap system has been very good.
The wind generators and the solar panels have kept our batteries up and we have not had to run our motor to recharge them although they where down to 80% when we left Albany.