Friday, April 29, 2005


Sir Joseph Banks Group

We left Port Lincoln marina and sailed around the corner to the main town jetty where we picked up our mail, then we headed off to Reevesby Islandat 11.30am, we sailed all the way with the A Symmetric sail varying in speed from 3.5 to 6.5 knots with winds of 7 to 13 Knots, half way there we had to detour as there was a large tuna fish farm in the way.
We Arrived at Reevesby Island at 4.30pm on the 29th to a little bay called Harvest Bay just south of Mcoy Bay, we went shopping for some Squid and caught 3 nice size ones which we had for dinner (only one of them)

I have also been trying out the Maxsea nav system instead of Cmaps as this system gives you a full 3D view of the bottom, so far it seems very good with more ups to it than downs.

Map of Sir Joseph Banks Group

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on Saturday, May 7th, Michael & Helen Jolly said

Keep the info coming, it's great for us poor ones left behind to see where you're going and where you've been.
We'll be 3 years behind you and hope to pass paths some day.
Regards, M and H

on Tuesday, May 3rd, kim said

By the way - what happened to the camera?

I must have missed that bit!!

Love Moi :)

on Tuesday, May 3rd, Kim said


Sounds like you know what you are doing!!!! I can't imagine that you do but you're still going!!

Are you sailing with Azure all the time?


Love Moi

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Arrived Port Lincoln

Leaving the beautiful Pearson Island at approx 2pm we headed out to where Azure was fishing (Chris had caught two beautiful fish and had a HUGE one that broke his line). On our overnight trek to Memory Cove just out of Port Lincoln a beautiful full moon lighted our way and we actually had fabulous sailing weather. Upon entering the channel we decided to not stop at Memory Cove but continue our way to Port Lincoln. A pod of 20 dolphins met us and heralded our completion of the trek across the Great Australian Bight at West Point. A small baby stayed on until its mother came and took it away. Vodaphone works so of course I rang the girls, Danielle, Samantha and Tamara and Dad. They are all-well and haven't missed us at all.

We had a lovely hot shower before getting off the yacht to go to the pub for a well deserved celebration. Civilisation, oh dear I will have to dress up/

The next morning Cartref and Mendana arrived. We had a cuppa on board Cartref to celebrate their arrival after their trek across the Bight. They looked tired but well and pleased that they had arrived safely. It was good to have four Fremantle Sailing Club boats all tied to the same jetty.

I was cleaning the boat and of course people come up to you and chat. I met quite a few sailors, mainly on holiday from Adelaide, who stated that the Joseph Banks Group was the Whitsunday’s of South Australia and that is where they were heading. Bill and Pauline from Tibia, kindly gave us a copy of a South Australian anchoring guide of the area. It is more comprehensive than Kevin Lane's book. He has kindly offered us a loan of a car when we arrive in Adelaide.

The Lincoln Cove Marina is a distance from the main townsite so Azure and we shared a taxi ride in, as the bus came once a day. The townsite is well serviced and has a beautiful frontage onto the water. Azure did their washing at the Laundromat and we went shopping for provisions. We go in again on Thursday where I will be at the Laundromat.

The Lincoln Cove Marina is close to the working jetty of the Tuna fishermen. The boats are very well maintained and constantly go past sometimes four times a day. The wharf is always busy with unloading and loading. many go out to feed the Tuna in the nets just out of the Bay. Yesterday we saw Tuna being unloaded and could not believe the size of them-huge. I would have taken a photo for you but the camera is not working (you all know the reason why).

We went over to the refuelling jetty and filled up learning that our breather was blocked, it was a slow process. Chris from Azure came and gave us a much needed hand. He got talking to another boat refuelling; the couple lived on Thistle Island and told about the history of the area and where is the best to go and where to anchor.

We are ready to move on and are heading to the Joseph Banks Group tomorrow.
Assorted Photos of Port Lincoln

Map of Spencer Gulf Trips

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on Sunday, November 6th, Madeleine Powell said

:)Hello Tracy - lovely to visit your travels..... am passing your web site onto other sailing enthusiasts.... I am sure you will hear from Corinne & Steve as their embarksure for Tasmania grows near.

Take care and above all .... enjoy!! mad :-) xxx

on Friday, April 29th, Judith Leefson said

The guy from Thistle would not go by the name of Ron Forster?

Sounds like you are having a grand time Hope the weather holds out for you

Friday, April 22, 2005


Crossed the Bight at WEST POINT SA

After 15 days we have offically crossed the Bight. Hurray we are feeling like real adventurers now!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Arrived Pearson Island

After a very lumpy night at Flinders we left Flinders to arrive at Pearson Island. An absolutly beautiful pristine island with seals, penguins and wallaby's. We are in a protected bay from all directions except for east. Anchoring is sand with weed and provides strong holding in 6metres of water. We are anchored in the eastern bay. Exploring has been fun, the seals are on the beach in front of the boat and constanly call out as they are mainly mums with young ones. when we go in on the dingy they swim about us.

There is a little protected pool that one can play with the seals in total safety as sharks cannot enter into this pool.

There is a lighthouse on top of the hill and it is powered via solar power and has a heliport. As this is a beautiful island we have decided to stay an extra day prior to heading off to Memory Cove. We have been able to talk to Cartref and Mendana on the VHF and they should arrive in Port Lincoln on Sunday

Assorted Photos of Pearson Island

Map of Pearson Island Detailed

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Sceale Bay

(Pronounced Scale Bay).

There is a good anchorage at the main setlement here with protection from S-SE and NE winds also protection from the SW swell, but there are no shops. Obviously a holiday place but very dry, rugged and isolated. (Good internet coverage with CDMA)

Map of trip to Sceale Bay

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Venus Bay

After Sceale Bay, Venus Bay was an absoulte paradise. It is a very pleasent bay with well protected waters from all directions, houses (no gardens -dirt due to lack of water) and a general store. The owners are very nice, Pam and Ross and we spent time chatting to them. The general store is very modern and has everything ou need including beautiful meals and they also have a bottle shop. Much better presentation and stock than Port Kenny general store. The township has a permanent popluation of 16.

It was a real adrenalin rush comming into the Bay as there were leads to follow to enable us to safely tranverse the breakers into the Bay. Azure and we celebrated this with a stiff scotch. Please note that the entrance is a bite tricky if the swell is over 3 mtrs so be carfull if you come in but once you do its worth the visit.

The Bay is well protected and you can hear the ocean over this small penisular. A great view from the top of the townsite showing the spectacular cliffs along the coastline.

Paul and I took the dingy over to Port Kenny to visit the main township, it is a country town along the main Eyre Highway with a permanent population of 60. there is a general store, post office and we had a delicious lunch at the Port Kenny Hotel. I just can not get over the fact that there are poker machines in these places.

(Good internet coverage CDMA)

Assorted Photos of Venus Bay

Map of trip to Venus Bay

Map of Venus Bay Detailed

Monday, April 18, 2005


Flinders Island

Flinders Island is quite large and is occupied as a sheep station. A barge brings supplies from Waterloo Bay (Elliston) The island gives good protection from the SE-SW winds and Swell.
There is a Air strip and two homesteads on the Island, these are for the owners use only.
The Island is very sparce but has nice sandy beaches.
There are two anchorages on the island one on the north side (this is the one we stayed at and another on the south side in front of the homestead.

Arriving we we ashore and meet people holidaying on the island. The sand is almost white not the usual yellow we have experienced previously in SA. We met a professional Abalone diver who told us that the water here is usually crystal clear and he had only seen it so cloudy twice before. He recommended that we go the Peason Island as it was a lot nicer than Flinders, showing photos he had taken on his phone. We were given two huge abalone shells and may see him in Port Lincoln.

Azure came over for dinner on Cockatoo when Chris and Paul noticed that they had bogged their four wheel drive in the surf getting their boat out of the water. Being the ggod samaratins they went to see if they could assist but it was too bogged as it was down to the diffs so they called the station owner to bring their tractor out to pull them out.

Assorted Photos of Flinders Island

Map of trip to Flinders Island

Map of entry and exit to Flinders Island Detailed

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Streaky Bay

We arived safely at Streaky Bay on the 12th of April after a 5 day trip across the Great Australian Bight, We arived with Azure. We stayed there for 4 days. The track into Streaky bay is a bout 20nm in and it is well worth the trip.

Photos are courtesy of Azure as at Middle Island Tracy fell out of the dingy with the camera!!! and guess what it does not work any more.

The township is lovely and definitely a tourist town. We did our laundry, and restocked pur provisions. Paul discovered that fresh oysters were available at $6.50 a dozen and was in absolute seveth heaven.

I was quite disappointed that there were not bands heralding us in after our great achievement having arrived safely accross the Bight, so we all went out to the local pub and celebrated with a meal and drinks instead.

Mum and dad rang and said they they were coming to Streaky but had decided to go via inland, so we missed them and hope to catch up in Adelaide on their way back to WA.

Streaky Bay is a lovely quite bay with well protected waters from all directions, There is a great old motor museum that has all the old single deisel engines that where used in lighting plants etc,
(Good internet coverage with CDMA)

Assorted Photos of Streaky Bay

Map of leaving Streaky Bay

Monday, April 11, 2005


Cape Arid to Streaky Bay

We are leaving Cape Arid on Friday 8th April at 5am
with the Yacht Azure also accompanying us, for
Streaky Bay in South Australia below is our proposed track. We have planned on a
average speed of 5kts for each day however we will be trying to achieve
greater than 6 kts as this will allow us a better tack when the winds change to
S/E on day 4.

Safety equipment carried : We
have a HF and VHF Radios , Hand held VHF and UHF radios, 3 GPSs (one hand
held) Flares and a 6 person life raft and a 406 EPIRB, hopefully the last
3 items will never be used.

We are carrying 600Ltrs of diesel and we
use 3 ltr per hr

Each red dot is a days trip and we have a target of 120
miles per day. The long range weather forecasts are good and not to blowy.

Day 1 the Start sees us with northerly winds changing
to N/NW 15/25 Kts

Day 2 sees us with SW winds 5/15 Kts (we plan
to motor sail to maintain 6kts)

Day 3 sees us with low 5kt winds (we plan to motor on this
day) and then a change to S/E
winds and these should take us to Streak Bay or Ceduna.

Day 4 and 5 sees S/E to Easterly winds 10/20

Map of where we are