Sunday, May 15, 2005


Arrived Adelaide

A favourable weather window appeared whilst we were in the beautiful Spaulding Cove for our trip through to Adelaide. Leaving at 5am on a pitch black night, on water that was satin smooth with no ripples (no wind) and freezing cold we headed out. Paul and I had the idea that we would be going through the fish farms again on the way out of Spaulding Cove so I sat up the front with the spotlight keeping an eye out (and freezing to death). Nothing.

We had a great sail past Dangerous Reef, Wedge Island, Thistle Island experiencing 20 knot winds (the Weather Bureau had anticipated 5-10 knots). Azure went close to the cliffs and I got some great photos of them with the setting sun lighting up the cliffs in the background. We were further out and having an great sail. We rounded the bottom of the penisular near Haystack Island (aptly named) just before sunset. The night again was black with no moon (we always seem to pick these nights) but the night sky was clear with the most brightest stars and a few meteorites seen. One I thought was a flare (but it was green).

Just out of Adelaide we were becalmed and motored into Adelaide, pulling directly into the Cruising Club of South Australia. The marina has beautiful facilities and a floating dock. It is close to train and a small shopping centre.

The next day we all caught the train into Adelaide-a beautiful city but my ears hurt with the noise and I was unused to the hustle and bustle of the big City.

The 14th of May the Club had the cruising section Quarantine Station cruise, so we joined up with them. The Quarantine Station is situated up the river near Lipson Reach. We anchored just off the Channel near where the Collins Class Submarines are built. A festive evening was held aboard "Portia" with a BBQ on shore after. It is lovely to meet like minded people and chat and enjoy ourselves in company similar to that of our own Fremantle Cruising Section.

We will be going back to Perth on 13th June for one week for our eldest daughters 21st. It will be good to see our girls again even for just a short time. Tamara has her High School Ball in May so I will miss that but hope to have photos. Samantha is battling with University assignments and looking forward to the semester break.

Paul and I hope to pick a bit of work up in Adelaide to top up our cruising Kitty. We hope to leave after winter for Kangaroo Island and then on our way to Tasmania (ocean or coastal- we do not know at this stage). Whilst here we hope to be doing weekend or day trips out exploring the St Vincent Gulf.
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Assorted Photos of Adelaide

Map of Spencer Gulf to Adelaide Trip

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on Wednesday, May 25th, Nicki Reynolds said

Hi there Paul and Tracey. Glad to hear you're having fun and have reached Adelaide safely. Mike and I have been following your progress - the pics from Spencer Gulf bring back memories for us!!
We're missing the sea here in Canberra but have made up for it with speccie bushwalks in the mountains. Enjoy Adelaide - we love the place - and good luck with job-hunting
Best wishes
Mike & Nicki

on Saturday, May 21st, Danielle Bushell said

Hello mum and dad,

glad to see that you made it to adelaide safe and well! I will see you both soon for my b'day!! all of the photos are beautiful! :laugh:

love danielle!

on Monday, May 16th, Wendy Campbell said

Well done guys!

You are writing a book, you know:-) And we always enjoy reading your latest news.
We'll be out of Perth from 2nd to 18th June. Will you still be here when we return?
Love to you both,

on Monday, May 16th, Peter Whalley said

Hey, it really is looking good. Love to read your missives!
Take care

Peter :)

Monday, May 09, 2005


Arrived at Peake Bay

Moving from Haystack Bay at Reevesby Island to avoid the northerly wind predicted we moved to this rather large but protected bay just West of Reevesby Island approx 19 nm in fact. We had an absolutely exhilarating sail with the asymetric up, wind speeds of 15-25 knots.

Reaching Peake Bay we met up with Cartref, Mendana and Anki II. Paul installed the internet on Anki II and we saw the beautiful watercolour paintings that Anki paints and sells.

A number of sundowners and good times were had. We moved from the northern end of the Bay to the western end to avoid a swing in winds from North east to South east.

We had good anchorage and even celebrated Yarra's (Anki II dog) 105th birthday on the beach.

Map of Spencer Gulf Trips

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Arrived Spalding Cove

Only 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Lincoln Cove Marina is the beautiful Spalding Cove, after negotiating a minefileld of fish farms and oyster/mussell bouys we setted into the South east corner finding a quiet and peaceful anchorage with trees and a beautiful secluded beach. We are protected from all but Northerly winds.

Paul caught a huge squid.

Lilly and Chris from Azure discovered cockles and dug them up to share a beautiful spaggetti dish with us. Lilly is such a good cook.

We went for a hike to Point McLaren on the otherside of the peninsula where we had a beautiful picnic lunch. Exhausted we retired for our obligatory afternoon nap.

We will wait here for a weather window to take us through to Adelaide in the next few days
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Assorted Photos of Spalding Cove

Map of Spencer Gulf Trips

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Revisited Port Lincoln

Leaving Peake Bay we headed off to Port Lincoln town Jetty. I had a parcel waiting at the post office- my new camera-a replacement for the one that I dropped in the water. We had a lovely trip with dolphins on our bow (it was too cold to go up and see them). We stayed overnight and then headed off to the Lincoln Cove Marina the next day to wash our boats down (full of salt and dirt from the winds).
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Assorted Photos of Port Lincoln

Map of Spencer Gulf Trips