Thursday, October 20, 2005


Arrived at Kangaroo Island

We are currently moored at American River at the beautiful Kangaroo Island.
Had a good trip as the weather was good. Chris came out in his dingy to greet us and show us to the mooring we would use. No wonder the locals said don't anchor, the tidal swings are increadable almost doing 180 degree turns on the mooring. Retour and Azure have been here a week now and have settled in.

There is a little settlement where there is a shop and post office. It is a beautiful place Kangaroo Island. We hired a car and went exploring with Chris and Lilly. We found things very expensive, Kingston is beautiful but the conservation parks expensive, the seals we could see as we had to pay a high fee and felt that we had seen many at Pearson Island. Koalas were beutiful nand we got some good shots (they are so cuute).

Friday nights see us all at the local sportsclub called "The Shed" for a meal and drinks meeting some of the locals. There are hot showers on the shore in the caravan park.

Paul is in heaven again. They have an oyster farm here where you can buy fresh oysters at $6.00 per dozen. We have been here nearly a week and it maybe longer due to weather conditions. We have sat out 40kt winds with 1 metre waves on the mooring (hoping it will hold and it has). The weather today is pleasant with 15kts but expecting to increase substantially tonight. There are also a few more low pressure fronts to come across yet so who knows. We are moored here with Jan and Bevan Purvis from Retour and Chris and Lilly on Azure. All heading off to Tasmania via Robe, Portland and Port Fairy, that is when there is an okay weather window.

The girls are well and although I am out of phone range the internet keeps me in touch. Tamara is currently preparing for the up and coming Year 12 TEE exams, she sounds very confident and our thoughts and best wishes are with you darling.

Assorted Photos of Kangaroo Island

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Farewell Adelaide

Our departure was delayed as Tracy had to go into hospital on the 5th October for surgery. We had waited almost 4 months for the date to be set so thought that another three+ weeks would not make a great deal of difference. A big thank you to Bill and Pauline Lunn for letting us stay in your lovely home for a week after Tracy came out of hospital. Tracy of course has bounced back and is fitter and lovelier than ever.

Reading our last entry, I can not believe that time has flown by - very fast.We have been in Adelaide at the CYCSA (Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia) for almost 5 months! It has been a great place to stay, the facilities first class and the members and staff very helpful and friendly.

Paul and I finished work at the end of August and started working on getting some boat jobs done. All the TO DO list has been done (except for Tracy's list.) It was sad to leave the many friends we made at work and all those close came down to the boat for a farewell drink. Thank you to Matt and Janine Colliver for not only welcoming Paul with a job but also for allowing us to experience some family life as well, with their two beautiful and talented girls and to Judy for looking after us and sharing many of our experiences in Adelaide-especially for the fabulous tour of the Southern coast.

Many friends were made, and will keep in touch during our journey. There are too many to mention but all will be getting our updates and have our email address. A special hello to those of the Tuesday night BBQ-Evelyn, Peter (Sheer Bliss), Bill, Pauline (Tibia), Rod, Michelle (Tanacria), David, ( ) many of whom we hope to meet during their Jan trip to Tasmania.

We did get to Cooper Peddy (with Judy-amazing place and no I did not find my million dollar Opal) (See other post)and actually did a trip to Border Town as well, so felt we had covered a bit of the state. Just before Tracy's operation we went with good friends (and the CYCSA cruising section) to Port Vincent- a holiday destination for South Australians. We tied up at the marina ($25 per night) with David and Vicki Henderson (Escapade-stink boat but soon to convert to Sail) and Kevin and Sue Henderson (Margaux). It was Kevin and Sue's first long sail in their new Duncanson 29. We all had a drink on Dunkie to celebrate their achievement. David and Vicki have become converts putting their beautiful 37' Transocean Fly bridge boat on the market and looking Very SERIOUSLY at blue water cruisers-with the view of heading off into the sunset in the near future. They have accused my husband of causing serious lifestyle changes and lots of stress within their relationship due to the fact that the lifestyle we are leading looks too bloody good. We look forward to seeing you on the horizon and catching up with you for a drink in the not too distant future. As you can see we move slowly-It took us three months to get to Esperance and almost ten months to leave Adelaide to go to Tasmania.

Assorted Photos of Adelaide