Wednesday, May 17, 2006



22nd May
Tracy starts work at Thomastown Library -35hrs per week.

20th May
Danielle and Chris fly 0ut back to Perth this afternoon.

15th May
Danielle, Chris and us took the car to Williamstown, checked out Docklands and had a late lunch/dinner at St Kilda. A good day and the weather held out making it an even nicer day.

We met Peter (the boat next door for a drink) and met the Roberts next to him Simon, making the evening a very social event.

Danielle and Chris packed and planned their trip down the Great Ocean Road. They are heading off at 5am.

14th May
Getting up at the reasonable hour of 10am, we caught the train to the MCG for the Carlton vs Essendon match. Danielle had a Carlton shirt on and guess what they won by over 30 points. The atmosphere was great and even thought we were out in the open it did not rain.

Catching the train back to town we had dinner at Little Chinatown before catching the train back to the boat.

13th May
Chris and Danielle fly into Melbourne (Avalon). It is one hour to the airport, so we caught a train into the City and then a bus out to the airport. Chris and Danielle are hiring a car so will take the car back to the yacht. They both arrived looking fantastic, happy and so good. We cannot stop smiling. They arrived at 10.50pm, we arrived back to Cockatoo II at 1pm so all hit the sack.

12th May
Tracy caught the train out to Thomastown to meet Gayle and Ian (HR), take a tour of the Library, and meet Lynne the other Library Manager. All in a successful meeting and I have accepted the position, starting Monday 22 May (one week off to spend time with Danielle and Chris).

11th May
Zsu Zsi came over for a drink and dinner. She has not changed at all since she left Perth 6 years ago. We worked out that Tracy had not done one of her art courses for over 10 years. It was good to catch up with her, and Tracy has a place in her workshops during her time in Melbourne. Hopefully it will rekindle Tracy’s art and she will start producing works of art.

10th May
Tracy took the train into the City to meet with Gayle the Operations Manager of the Yarra Plenty Library Service to discuss a position of job share Library Manager at the Thomastown library. We met at the State Library of Victoria and discussed the position over lunch.

Tracy then caught the train out to Thomastown and timed the trip from Thomastown to Middle Brighton (approx 2 hours by train).

We then had a drink at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club to end the evening.

9th May
Moved the boat to Pen 525, where we will be staying. It is right next to two other Roberts Cruising boats and another cruising boat originally from Fremantle, but owned by a Melbourne person now. It is nice to be surrounded by cruising boats and not plastic fantastic racing boats.

8th May
Rang up and ordered the AFL Carlton vs Essendon tickets at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds for the 14th May. Danielle and Chris were arriving on the 13th May and this was to be our first outing.

We also rang the owners of empty pens in the club and were successful in subletting a pen for three-four months at a good price (better than the club prices).

6th May
Awoke and had a lovely, luxurious hot shower (with never ending water). After breakfast we caught a tram and train back to the yacht club and had a relaxing day.

5th May
We were having dinner at Grant and Delma’s house, so caught the train into the City and tram out to Kew. We wanted to explore Kew arriving early we checked out the shops, purchasing a jumper and work shirts for Paul in a lovely men’s shop in the main street.

We arrived right on time at the house and had a beautiful dinner. The purpose to discuss the package on offer to Paul re: work. That finalised we slept at their house (in a bed where I could stretch out and not touch the walls, where I could sit up and not hit my head).

4th May
We arose early as Tracy had an appointment with the One Umbrella agency in South Melbourne, taking a train into town and a tram to South Melbourne. We eventually found the place after walking in circles for one hour. The meeting was positive and hopefully a position will arise from it.

We took the tram up St Kilda Road to check out what was available in UBD computerised maps eventually heading back to Brighton in exhaustion.

3rd May
We caught the train into Melbourne, checked out the internet cafés and the mall, before catching a tram into Kew. We were meeting with Grant re: a job for Paul, building a national sales dealership for Wage Easy.

2nd May
We caught up with Grant who has his new boat moored here at this yacht club. He has not changed and had just completed a race in the beautiful Port Phillip Bay.

In the afternoon we did shopping up in Church Street and bought fresh fruit and vegetables. Taking the time to also enjoy a cappuccino and read the newspaper.

1st May
With the boat secure we caught the train into Melbourne City and explored. The train and tram system is excellent and it took about 20 minutes from Middle Brighton station to the City.

The city is vibrant and I have never seen so many black suits.

28th April
We left Sandringham (as our free time had elapsed) and moored at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. We were given two weeks free as a visitor. They are renovating their club house so the facilities are very basic and more like a building site.

We had a drink at the bar and meet some lovely people, two of whom are renovating their boat –Peter and Janet are doing the Osaka Rally next year. They have a Roberts Mauritius.

26th-28th April
Sandringham is a lovely yacht club with good facilities. The cost being two nights free and $30 per day there after on the visitors jetty. We also took the opportunity to catch up with Talvan and Grace from “Fourty Something” before he departed for a European holiday.

We went exploring the lovely township of Sandringham, a really beautiful place.

24th -25th April
Arising very early at 3am.. We pulled anchor after breakfast about 4am. The wind was S 5-20 knots, making our journey a pleasant and enjoyable motor sail.

We arrived at Port Phillip Heads with the wind NW 5-10 knots about 5am the next morning. The shipping in the area was incredibly busy and we had the radar on to check where they were and which direction they were all heading. Thankfully it was a clear night and visibility was good albeit very dark (where is that moon when you want it?).

Calling Lonsdale Radio we received the okay to pass through the heads. Paul had timed the entry perfectly as it was a flood tide, one that is recommended for entry across the RIP. We chose the middle passage as there were no ships due for one hour so we had the whole passage to ourselves. The leads were very clear and easy to follow.

Entering the heads we were going to anchor but unsure of where to go as it was pitch black with lights everywhere. We decided to play safe and head up the east side of the channel passing Sorrento and heading towards Sandringham. We tried to call the clubs not realising it was Anzac day-no response.

Arriving at Sandringham at 2pm we moored at the visitors berth (no longer SA itinerants). The trip taking us 32 hours in total. After securing the yacht we headed to have a drink at the bar. Meeting some of the locals we had a good time before heading back to the boat for a well deserved rest.