Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Tangalooma to Great Keppel Island

29 June 2007
Great Keppel Island - Wreck Beach to Leekes Beach-5nm
Motored around and anchored in NE corner of Island. Went for walk along beach, sand squeaking under our feet, we walked to the resort and had a cuppa and cake. Walking back as the tide rose we went back to boat to plan trip up the coast. The defence area is closed which makes it a long sail about 100nm or so, as we cannot enter the coast where the defence training is taking place.

28 June 2007
Yellow Patch to Hummocky Island-9.2nm
Motor sailed, genoa up giving us an extra 1 knot of speed. Bit swell. Small beach and the terrain very rocky.

Hummocky Island to Wreck Beach, Great Keppel Island - 17nm
Motor sailed, genoa and main up. Sun out but a cold wind. Wind not consistant jumping between 5-15 knots. Approaching Great Keppel Ilsnad showed white beaches, beautiful white beaches and steep hills. Water clear, dropped anchor and saw it hit the bottom. Went for a walk to Butterfish Bay and saw two warships in Bay. Coconuts on beach as well as lots of plastics.

27 June 2007
I caught a cold and spent the day in bed. Cold and rainy day.

26 June 2007
Went by dingy to Cape Capricorn to explore lighthouse. I climbed sand dune.

24 June 2007
Cold wet and rainy. Sundowner on Huon Mist.

23 June 2007
Cape Capricorn to Yellow Patch 2.7 nm
Wet and raining. Motored around on high tide. Solan followed us in the route was well marked by fishermens bouys. Anchored in delightful well protected cove. Amazing dark yellow sand du ne. Beautiful clear water. Police came by and chatted us up re registration. Huon Mist here.

22 June 2007 TROPIC OF CAPRICORN 23 deg 30'
Grahams Creek to Cape Capricorn 30.6 nm 5 hours 30 minutes
Motored with mainup wind South 0-5 knots. Overcast and cold-no rain. Some areas shallow in the North Channel, Passed warship on the horizon. Passed the Tropic of Capricorn. The Cape has a lighthouse and some cottages perched precariously on top. Track up is 1.7 gradient.

Clear blue water, could se the anchor hit the bottom. Beautiful sunset, celebrated passing the topic of Capricorn with a glass of wine.

21 June 2007
Graham's Creek to the Narrows
Cold wet and rainy. We did a bit of maintenance then anchored closer to the narrows. Took the dingy to check depths. Watched tide changes deciding to try at hight tide tonight as the beacons are lit.

High tide - a little moon out to light our way. We made our way slowly negotiating our way thought the shallo sections. Hittling bottom where it is marked -1.7 we made the decision not to continue and made our way back to Grahams Creek.

20 June 2007
Gladstone to Graham's Creek-11.5nm
Motor sailed, bridge opened for us at 10.30am-overcast and cold. Anchored fair way up the river. Mangroves. Cold and wet. Will head up the narrows tomorrow as have to have a very high tide to get through as it dries 2.5 metres above LWH water.

19 June 2007
Refuelled and headed up the river -the bridge opened up for us and we anchored right up the river. Taking the dingy down to the town we walked through and had a cuppa.

18 June 2007
Seven Mile Creek to Gladstone -29 nm 6 hours 30 minutes
Waited for high tide, motored, no wind and the sea flat calm. On route two guys on a tinnie stopped us and asked for directions - they were lost. We passed a reef and ran over a fishing net which luckly was easily removed thankfully it had not gone around our prop.

Saw a turtle. Called into Gladstone Harbour Channel 13 as there was a $15,000 fine if we do not. Pulled into a fuel jetty at the marina but they had gone home so we stayed on the jetty until the morning.

17 June 2007
Pancake Creek to Seven Mile Creek, Robbs Beach 15 nm
Left on high tide, no wind but increased to 15-20 knots gusting our sailing speed averaging 7-8 knots. Paul marked fishing zones on the electronic maps reminding us that we had to wind in the trolling lines. Big fines otherwise. Anchored out from hut on shore.

15 June 2007
Went for walk on shore round beaches, saw dingo tracks. Had sundowner on board.

14 June 2007
Chalmers Point to Pancake Creek -64nm 11hours
Pulled anchor at 2.30am No moon, dark as dark we headed out, the beacons leading the way looking rather like a airport runway. Wind was 10-15 knots so motor sailed until about 8am SE 20-25 knots and we sailed with main and genoa. Speed averaging 6-7 knots-beautiful. Then about 12 noon the wind dropped and we motor sailed again. Anchored just outside Pancake Creek until high tide. Lots of yachts here, also lots of shandbanks and shoals so high tide is best.

Took the dingy and depth sounder up the leads to anchorage checking depths. We moved into anchorage later in afternoon at high tide.

13 June 2007
Bundaberg to Chalmers Point -10nm
After collecting mail from Post Office at 9am we caught high tide heading down river to Chalmers Point near the heads where we anchored. Went to Burnett Heads Marina and had a look around having a beer at the sailing club.

We saw a boat being rennovated which was SPRAY a replica of Joshua Slocums yacht.

12 June 2007
Woody Island to Bundaberg -57.5nm 10 hours 30 minutes
High tide at 6am, the wind had picked up and had a lovely motor sail to Bundaberg. We motored up the river-long way it was shallow in spots-thankfully we were at high tide and anchored near townsite. River very muddy and lots of mangroves.

Went ashore and explored the town-lovely town a lot of character.

11 June 2007
MacKenzies Jetty to Woody Island -9nm
So very very cold, freezing, mist rising off the water this mroning, when the sun had defropsted us we went ashore and walked on the beautiful white beach, saw the welcome poles.

After the walk we went on high tide (9am) across to Woody Island, scrappin g the bottom on rocks-horrible sound. But made it through to deep anchorage.

Went ashore and walked on shore-rocky and not very attractive.

10 June 2007
Sun out so went ashore and went for a walk, had a big stick to fight off dingoes who the signs say can be very aggressive. Mangroves, lots of blue soldier crabs.

Gary's Anchorage to MacKenzies Jetty-Fraser Island
18.4nm 4 hours
Waited for high tide at 1.30pm and motor sailed up the channel keeping a close eye on Beacon to Beacon with binoculars handy keeping a close eye out for beacons showing where deep water is-very shallow out of channel. It is a sunny day with cold wind. Dropped anchor at MacKenzies Jetty ruins a disused jetty and wrecks.

9 June 2007
Rainy and Cold-got the ugg boats out and extra blankets and jackets as it was getting colder and colder. Sundowner on Huon Mist.

8 June 2007
Mooloolabar to Gary's Anchorage, Fraser Island, Great Sandy Straits
73.3 nm 12 hours
We had a good sail-averaging 7knts. Good winds and seas at 1.5 metres and gusts up to 20+ knots. We mainly motor sailed but had turned off when wind was strong enough to keep us up at 5 knots. Paul caught two mackrel-fresh fish yumm. Going across Wide Bay Bar was fine with waves breaking port and starboard but reasonable in the leads. Weather was fine but cold. We stopped at Pelican Bay to say farewell to Marites as they were going into Tin Can Bay to fix their motor which was not working very well.

We continued on to Gary's anchorage, thank goodness for Beacon to Beacon which showed the leads which were hard to pick up, we had the binoculars at the ready. There were 100knt winds down at Newcastle people have died and a tanker ran aground. Glad we are not down there.Anchoring near Huon Mist. Having drinks on Huon Mist we saw a large dingo on the beach on Fraser Island.

Had four extra for dinner with the fresh fish Paul caught on the way up.

7 June 2007
Eplored the town-very commercial and touristy. Had a big breakfast at a little eatery for $5.00.

6 June 2007
Tangalooma to Moloolabar
Left early morning 3am, there was no wind and it was wet and raining. Passing the shelter of Moreton Island the wind picked up, the current also helping us alnog another 3 knots. Open ocean, swell one metre but seas confused making it very uncomfortable. Both feeling seasick, entering the heads instantly felt better as was calm and sheltered in here. Fishing boat entered behind us, as we entered with main up found we had to go a fair way in to pull it down

5 June 2007
We scrubbed the bottom of the dingy as was dirty and a bit green. I swam over to boat for a cleaner and the rip was very strong, I bearly made it to the boat-a bit scary. Then went over to the wrecks snorkling (wetsuit on but no weights-big mistake I couldn't get down). The water was so very clear and there were millions of fish around. Helped Ben collect razor shell (actually I just held the bag).

4 June 2007
We walked to the resort and had a look around.

3 June 2007
Hamilton Reach-Brisbane River to Tangalooma Wrecks
Waking at 5am, pitch black and put sails up (very little wind) and motored down river through the port (only one ship entering port) and had a very pleasant motor sail with water maker filling our tanks up. We anchored near the Tangalooma Wrecks which is at Moreton Island. It is where workboats have been scuttled forming a break for boats.

Weather is overcast but not raining.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Gold Coast to Brisbane QLD

2 June 2007
Brisbane to Hamilton Reach
Waited for outgoing tide motoring down river and anchored near Kantala. We dingied over to see Mutineer but they were not there so called in for a cuppa with Kantala where we met John from True Love. Marites came up and picked up a mooring near us. We are leaving at 5am tomorrow morning to take advantage of the outgoing tide and the SE winds as it will change to a NE later in the day.
30 May
Did food shopping-you should have seen us, two trolleys and a service customer officer escorting us through the main street of Brisbane down to the jetty to unload into the dingy and the again into the boat. Getting boat ready for open water-putting gear away, securing items, etc.
29 May
Took the opportunity to check out the markets at Southbanks and then caught the ferry and went down to Bretts Wharf and up as far as Queensland University, returned late night.
28 May
Sam departs
Got up at 6am, and walked into town with Sam's suitcase where we had breakfast and dropped her off at the Naval Centre. We returned at 10am for her recruitment ceremony where she was sworn in. We had lunch with her before she caught the bus to the airport on her way to Melbourne. Another farewell to Samantha but it is good to see her happy in her decision.
19 May to 27 May
Got to spend a lot of time with Samantha before she heads off to Melbourne. We explored the city, shopping, going to the theatre to see Shakespeare (really impressed Paul !), walking along South Bank, looking at the art gallery, etc and spending more time with Sam. We met the Bortons the gorgeous family who took care of Sam when she first came to Brisbane and they came over for a Breakfast on the yacht.
We also went to the Sanctury Cove Boat Show where we spent most of the day, the train trip was interesting from Brisbane to Helensvale and then a bus trip to the Boat Show. We walked all day and were totally exhausted by the end of the day.
Marites arrived and we spend time with Ben, Marites and Quinn, meeting Bens other two children. Quinn turned three on the 26 May. We have had dinner aboard and had a movie evening as well. They are heading off up the coast and hopefully we will be meeting them along the way.
We have the generator repaired, an external oil filter put in the generator works a real treat now.
The weather has gotten colder and we have had rain for a few days (good for the water restrictions/drought).
Anchoring in the Brisbane River is interesting as again it is wind agains tide. The anchor has held well althought the GPS anchor alarm goes off in the middle of the night often (false alarms).
Looks like we head off at the end of the week, have to catch up with a few people and the our destination is Moreton Island.
18 May
Botanical Gardens Brisbane CBD
Pulled anchor early morning as meeting Sam, she passed her fitness tet for the Navy. Good on her. The trip up the river was great, with lots of ferries, high rises, even passed a floating dock especially for pedestrians passing under the Story Bridge, anchoring near the Botanical Gardens right next to the CBD.
17 May
Deception Bay to Brisbane River
As the generator will not be ready for a few days we motored with the genoa up to the main channel passing large container ships coming and going out of the port. We have to stay within the channel as it is very shallow just outside the channel. We arrived at dark and decided to anchor in soft mud (took tow goes for the anchor to set) at Hamilton Reach overnight. Mutineer is anchored nearby.
16 May
We will sit here and wait for a call to inform us when we collect the generator. Lazy day today will take the time to catchup on the blog, download photos and tidy up a bit.

15 May
Waited all day for a call from the technician. We worked on cleaning the bilge, cleaning the motor and making up a heat shield for the generator to protect it from the heat of the exhaust pipe

No phone call re generator yet-and so not wanting to pay for another night we left and anchored in Deception Bay just off the marina.

14 May
Jacobs Well to Deception Bay 42.5nm 7.30 hours
The Broadwater is similar to the intercoastal of USA and it brought back lots of memories.

Passes North and South Stradbroke Island-as Alan Lucas states, they are large vegetated sandpiles. White sand and lots of mangroves.

It is a hot day, we left early to take advantage of tides and as there was no wind we motored.

We anchored just of Scarborough north of Brisbane as we had to meet the technician to fix out generator under waranty. It is shallow here at low tide. Waited for high tide and took the boat in through the channel to the Scarborough Marina-$48 per night so we had power and a hot shower. Went for a walk to the Moreton Bay Boat Club for a drink and then went out for fish and chips.

Guess what- Cockatoo I and Ayung are here int the marina.

13 May
Southport to Woolagoompah Island/ Jacobs Well 11.7nm 3 hours
We left to go to Brisbane through the internal Broadwater Channel throough to Moreton Bay rather than go via the coast. Anchored just off Broadwater channel, it is very very (bottom scrappingly and lean over shallow). We have hit bottom and leaned over so many times that we have decided to wait for high tide (duhh!!) I went soun ding in the dingy and thought I had found a deep channel but missed a 1.1 metre shoal-woops!! Paul not impressed. Definitely no antifoul on our keep anymore.

High tide at 7pm and passed through anchoring at Jacobs well overnight.

12 May
Mothers Day
Woke up late to a beautiful warm day, had a cuppa abourd Elengeni with Dave and Paul and Sam took me out for a mother's day luncheon. Two bottles of wine, a call from Danielle and Tamara set the day well. We had a look at the fancy Versace hotel and put Sam on the bus back to work. A final drink with Dave and back to the boat for an early night. Hoping to head off tomorrow up the broadwater to Brisbane.

11 May
Rainy and overcast we took the dingy over the Australia Fair a large shopping centre and wandered around. Sam and I bought underwear, and then bought food. We were eligiable for a free gift-hand cream and face cream. Then returned to the dingy and watched DVD's.

10 May
Dropped Paul off at the bus stop and he purchase bolts and socket set so he could finish off the alternator mount. Sam arrived at 3.45pm so took the dingy and picked her up from the bus stop outside Seaworld. She is spending the weekend with us.

9 May
Day on the boat as maintenance to do. Paul removed the large alternator and bracket. We cleaned the motor and area and Paul welded the bracket and made up another bracket to make the belts fit better. Later that evening Dave came over for a cuppa and Paul did some work on his laptop.

8 May
Took the dingy back to Surfer's Paradise and caught the bus to Coolangatta and checked out the beach there. I had a twinge in my back and it brought back memories of where I was prior to leaving Perth. Not nice. A lovely day though. Returning Paul did some work on the generator and fixed a loose wire.

Later that evening Dave came over for a drink and chat.

Learnt that Ian had gone to hospital as he had fallen over and shattered his knee cap.

7 May
Took the dingy up the river to Surfers Paradise and explored the city. It was a holiday and it was quiet and lots of the shops were shut. The beach is lovely but the city is very artificial and there are lots of shops no real greenery or ambience.