Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Map of Boat trip

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Arrived in the USA on the 4th

The reason for going to the USA was to celebrate the mates 50th birthdays. Here they are.

Paul, Mike, Ron, Scott and Graham.

Day one

We left Brisbane on Korean Air on the 3rd September and arrived in Soul 10 hours later at 5pm local time , the airline put us up at the Hyatt overnight which was about a 10 min bus ride from the airport. Dinner and breakfast included. Breakfast was interesting with savory porridge, seaweed, thin thin slices of bacon.

The airport is huge, took us a couple of hours to explore, there was free Internet in the transit lounge, security guards walking around with semi automatics and smoking rooms.

Day 3

We left again in the morning at 10am for Washington DC another 14 hour flight arriving on the 4th at 1pm local time. The air hostesses were dressed beautifully and the food was good-could chose either Korean or English food. The trip was long but we had personal DVD's with music, DVD's, games, documentaries, etc.

Upon arrival we were taken from the plane via bus to immigration where we had two fingerprints taken and a photograph taken. When I asked the guy how long these were kept for-he said "Well maam, like you know how long eternity is-well we keep them forever."

Once out of immigration we were met by Graham and Mike picked us up from the Dulles Airport, stopped off at his office where we say Kay and then headed for the boat moored at Baltimore, where we moved aboard and setup our bed for the night and unpacked and changed clothes and got ready for a dinner out with everyone. It is called Sea: Drive and is a 65 foot Hatteras.

Day 4
The next day 5th we headed upriver to uptown Baltimore, where we moored all day for $15.00 in the middle of town, we all went for some walks and ended up buying some more clothes as it was very hot and we had only bought mostly warm clothes with us, They where having the summer sales and things where 75% off the sale price ie tee shirts for $2.25 and long jeans for $5.00 very cheap indeed so we spent up $80.00 in total and that got a lot of clothes. (another bag needed now). The weather is warm and very humid, nice when the breeze comes up.

We are sleeping in the back aft deck on an air mattress, so we get a lovely breeze at night. We returned to Baltimore Marina overnight.

Day 5
We were feeling a little tired from jet lag but was just feeling back to normal now. We left Baltimore Marina and headed off to Annapolis. The conditions were overcast but calm making it a pleasant cruise. There is huge port and industry along the banks of the bay. The marina here is full so we anchored out but they found a space for us -we need to leave by 11am tomorrow within walking distance to the town.

Michelle, Graham's new lady is lovely and it is good to see him so happy.

while explored this beautiful historic town and had a huge jumbo milkshake. It is very touristy.

then walking around we came across a shop that had Sperry shoes half price so we got a pair of boat shoes each.

Pizza for dinner tonight.

Day 6

Annapolis Marina Sea: Drive is in the middle. One on this side (closest to us) is a boat that Mike helped build - small world.

Woke up and everyone discovered that the boat had run out of water, so Paul and the boys filled up the water tanks. We then all had shower's. I didn't say who was on board-Graham and Michelle, Ron and Barb, Kim and Mike, Sue and Scott and us-ten in total. After showers we all headed up town for breakfast.

As we had to leave the marina by 11am, we departed and headed to South River and anchored in a lovely quiet bay. Most of us went for a swim.

It took three trips in the tender to get us ashore for dinner at Mike's restaurant.

Day 7

Dodgey Brothers got together and tackled some maintenance on board.

Motored to Herrington Harbour. This marina was voted the best marina in the USA. We were greeted with eats. Six of the group went into town to shop for provisions and four went and cooled off in the pool (Paul and I were one of these). We ate dinner at the club restaurant.

This is a beautiful venue and there were lots of weddings in their beautiful gardens.

Day 8

Spending another day here. I went for a long walk, the weather has been hot and sticky. The boys have been fixing the front hatch-which had been leaking.

Here we all are.

This is the official end of summer and as such there is a party to celebrate this. Fireworks tonight.

Day 9

Left Herrington Harbour and went across the Bay to St. Michael's and docked at the marina. Enroute Mike was trolling and caught something big--his red undies! The bay was calm and there was no wind, making it hot and humid. This is a lovely touristy village with a lot of historic buildings.

A group of Texans also cruising the bay were invited aboard for a sundowner so had 26 aboard that evening. It rained this evening.

Day 10

It is 11 September-6 years since twin towers. Had breakfast in town and left mid-morning in humid and extremely humid conditions.

We arrived at Mears Point marina-Red eyes bar, going though an opening bridge. It is a remote area. We ate out that evening.

Day 11

Girls went shopping and Graham had to spend a day back at the office. Boys fixed a leaking pipe behind the sink.

Day 12

Graham, Michelle, Kim, Paul and I went to the shopping outlet. While we were gone the others had washed the boat, mats, sheets and scrubbed the boat. We dropped the mooring ropes and headed back to Baltimore Marina. We unloaded the boat. We fitted all our luggage into two cars and took the one hour trip back to Graham's house. Had a lovely BBQ dinner on the deck with the biggest steaks I have ever seen.

We all gave Graham a thank you-binoculars and a guest book for his boat.

Day 14

Sue and Scott were taken to the airport as they were heading back to WA. Kim and Mike caught the train to NY where they were staying at the Waldorf. Graham went to work. We stayed at Graham's to plan our trip.

Dinner at a local Greek restaurant then back for coffee and Michelle's homemade apple pie.

Day 15

Breakfast at a local dinner, Paul had a stack of 3 pancakes with egg and sausage, I had 2 poached eggs.

We headed into Washington DC by train with Michelle, Graham, Ron and Barb and us. There was a protest march about the Iraq war. We went to the National Art Gallery, the National Museum (were we saw fossils, mammoths, etc) and then met Graham and Michelle at the Smithsonian Space and Air Museum. Went to dinner and Paul was ill that evening due to a virus of some kind.

Day 16

Ron and Barb flew out to Toronto this morning. Paul went in with Graham and purchased phone card and a new soft luggage bag (for the extra clothes we purchased). I stayed back to book a trip but the Internet and phone did not work so I had a relaxing day instead.

Day 17

We were going to book a trip but made the decision to hire a car instead.

They picked Paul up and Paul bought a Tarago minivan back. I was ill, cold, flu and very sore bones, ached all over.

Day 18

Tracy still ill.

Paul fitted blowup mattress in rear of car. He booked a three day hang gliding trip and we then went out for dinner with Graham and Michelle.

Day 19

Tracy ill. Paul watched the sci fi station on the cable TV.

Day 20

Drove to Mechanicsville, the tom tom took us in the wrong direction (due to operator error?) We stopped of and saw the Frontier Cultural Museum and then headed in the right direction cost us a extra 150 miles. The scenery is beautiful with green trees all along the roadside, it must be beautiful in fall. It is a lovely sunny day-Paul only drove on the wrong side once.

We stopped off for Peking Duck, then went to the store and purchased fruit for breakfast and drove to the Blue Sky airfield and camped.

Day 21-Hang gliding - Day One

8am start. We are in a soy bean paddock with a runway. Steve is the instructor and lives in a van on-site. Paul and two other guys (FBI agents) were learning to fly this morning. Paul was the first to go and got off the ground, he just needed to trim a bit more.

That afternoon we went to doctors as I have an ear infection. Price not to bad-$56 for consult and scripts were $4 each from Walmart.

Day 22

Paul had 4 good flights but the winds came up more than was wanted so that finished that day. We had early lunch and then went exploring around Tappahannock. We went out with some other hang gliders to a Mexican restaurant and had a jumbo margarita and a lovley meal.

Day 23

Paul got 2 flights in before the wind came up again. We then went exploring and went to the Pumunkey Indian reservation. Had lunch on roadside and a kip before heading back to airfield to watch others soaring.

Day 24

Cold night this evening and fog in the morning, but it lifted very quickly. Paul had the airfield all to himself. 10 flights on a Condor 225 glider. He did really well. He pulled a muscle in his leg and this slowed him down a tad.

It warmed up fast and we explored Richmond after lunch.

Day 25

Paul was up early 7am but the wind did not come in until much later in the morning. Got 15 flights in and did really well. Afternoon returned to Richmond to explore some more.


Americans are fascinated by our accent, and even more so when they know we are from Australia. They are also fascinated that we are here for 2 months and have travelled so far. They have no real concept of Australia or of living on a yacht. But are friendly and open.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Whitsunday Islands

1 September 2007
Still in Gulnare, taught Ruth how to use the dingy and saw a gigantic stingray swimming about on the surface of the waater, we got soaking wet on the return back to the boat.

Heading off to the States tomorrow, leaving from Hamilton Island spending a night in Brisbane and then off. Brian and Ruth are caretaking the boat until we return.

31 August 2007
May's Bay to Gulnare Inlet - 14 nm - 3 hours 40 minutes

Motor sailed to Hamilton and Paul and Ruth took rubbish in on the dingy and did some shopping and picked up the mail while Brian and I iddled the boat outside the harbour.

We then headed to Gulnare on high tide and anchored.

29 August 2007
Airlie Beach to May's Bay - 15nm - 4 hours

Motor sailed, lumpy seas but good winds allowing us to sail. Main and genoa up. Brian at the helm. Ruth and I felling very queasy and we were the only two who had seasick tablets.

Anchored in beautiful May's Bay where we were protected from swell and winds. Met a NZ boatie who had sailed single handed from NZ and invited him for a sundowner, drinks and a movie.

28 August 2007

Had a quiet day but the boys filled the jerry cans and decantered it into the boat twice finlling the tanks. Tonight is the moon eclipse at 6.51 so had an early dinner and went in to see Lee playing at a pub. Good night and great singing. Enjoyed ourselves. Kept going outside to see the eclipse.

27 August 2007
Cid Harbour to Airlie Beach - 20nm - 4 hours

Sails up, Brian at the helm and sailed through Unsafe Passage between South and North Molle Island. Wind Gusts off Airlie and anchored off the Whitsunday Sailing Club.

Went ashore and looked about. Lee and Sandra (Huon Mist) knidly loaned us thier car (Did not tell them I had not driven for over 8 months until I returned it to them). Then Ruth and I went food shopping while the boys and Sandra and Lee went back to the boat (they were taking the industrial sewing machine with them and Lee needed some computer things done). We got back to the boat about 5.30pm and had tea and Lee and Sandra slept over.

26 Augut 2007
Gulnare Inlet to Hamilton Island to Cid Harbour

On high tide, motored with wind on the nose to Hamilton Island. Brian and Ruth due in at 12 noon. We tried to anchor just off the airport but it is deep and lots of reef. We tried to anchor but actually brought coral up with up so moved closer to Dent Island side and anchored. Taking the dingy in we picked up the mail and Ruth and Brian bringing all back to the boat.

Pullng anchor we headed off to Cid Harbour with the geona out and the wind behind us. Wind and swell okay but speed was rising as the day progressed.

Spotted a whale playing on the horizon flapping its fins on the water having great fun. What a lovely way for Brian and Ruth to be welcomed to the Whitsunday Islands. Dolphins feeding off the reef just outside Cid Harbour.

CYCSA boat called us up- they are also at Cid Harbour.

24 August 2007
Windy last night but sun out today and calm as can be. So the storm must have passed by. Mum rang and said there were bad storms down near Noosa and there are floods.

Spent the day compiling the newsletter, and Paul did maintenance-painting chains and resealing the hatches on the deck.
Nara Inlet

23 August 2007
May's Bay to Cid Harbour to Gulnare Inlet via Hamilton Island - 10.5nm
Motored to Cid Harbour and waited for the tide to change, taking the chance to go ashore and read books up the creek in the cool. When it was high tide we went with tidal current. Wind on the nose, it is calm and sunny but the barometer has dropped since this morning. We stopped off at Hamilton Island at a mooring buoy and Paul went ashore to drop off rubbish and collect the mail Upon his return we then motor sailed to Gulnare Inlet, we are expecting two days of 25-30 knot winds and can see it with the big black clouds coming up behind us.

21 August 2007
Butterfly Bay to May's Bay - 13.6nm
Windy, SE 20-25 knots, swell 1.5 metres.Sailsup-storm jib, genoa, main. Once got inside Hook passage it calmed off. Anchored in this lovely little bay where the reef is visible in the water.

20 Sugust 2007
Moved into the next bay and picked up a mooring (only supposed to be on them two hours but we are there all day). Bit better protected from the gusts and we went exploring over the reef with the dingy. Returned and I went snorkelling over the reef.

19 August 2007
Shoalhaven Anchorage to Butterfly Bay 4.3nm
Rainy overcast, mist covering the tops of the hills. We are unable to see any of the islands which were veryh clear last night due to the rain mist. The wind gusts in this bay are up to 25knots. We passed over a huge bombie which I could see clearly in the water - Paul said it was 2 mtres under the keel. Picked up a mooring.

18 August 2007
Nara Inlet to Shoalhaven Anchorage - 6.7nm
Motor sailed, genoa up and wind behind us. It is a bit rolly but with the sun out it is reasonably pleasant. Picked up a mooring in the bay. The wind gust coming of the hills are quite intense but the morring is holding well. Lots of people our snorkelling.

Hayman Island is behind us and one can see the lights at night.

17 August 2007
Invited Karen and Ian from Ocean Whisperer (NZ) over for morning tea. Then headed off down the bottom of Nara Inlet to have a look and go for a walk. The sides of the inlet are very steep and difficult to climb. The beach to the aboriginal cave painting have lots of rocks there so we did not go see them, instead we tied off further upstream and went bush bashing for a bit-thankfully no snakes.

Tonight we are having sundowner aboard Ocean Whisperer.

Sam at graduation in Melbourne.

16 August 2007

Sewing day, Paul took the cover off the dingy and I restitched the entire cover as much of the stitching had either worn away or been sundamaged. Paul reglued the velcro and made a rubber cover which he stitched onto the outside of the dingy front to offer more protection as this area gets the hardest workout with hitting the backboard and us walking on it.

I took the surf ski for a paddle and yes it is very shallow in parts here, almost scrapped the bottom a few times with my paddle, able to see the reef clearly as the water is so clear.

15 August 2007

Gulnare Inlet-Hamilton Island-Nara Inlet, Refuge Bay - 17nm - 3 hours

Waited for high tide and then made our way over the Hamilton Island. Picked up one of the new moorings near Dent Island opposite the marina entrance and dingied in with bags of rubbish and mail. Picked out mail up and had a coffee whilst plowing through the bills, etc.

Brindabella was there and apparently Wild Oats as well. Making our way back to Cockatoo we dropped the mooring and with a good wind -SE 15-20 knots put up the Asymetric and sailed!!! 6-7 knots (8 knots at one stage) to Nara Inlet at Hook Island, dropping anchor at Refuge Bay.

Had sundowner on board and then watched a DVD.

14 August 2007

Sewed cover for cockpit screen, took me all day. Overcast and cold today.

13 August 2007

Took dingy up the Inlet as far as we could before we either hit bottom or the mangrove stpped us. Very pretty and lots of mangroves. Lovely day.

12 August 2007

Nomad returned and dropped Bill and Pauling off for half hour before they head to catch palne home. It was so good to have a cuppa and say a final farewell, they have had great weather and enjoyed thier adventure. Rang later to say the 2pm plane was delayed and they did not leave until 7pm. Stayed the night in Brisbane and got back Tuesday.

Paul replaced the generator solonoid and changed the control panel. He also changed the temperature sensor as well.

11 August 2007

Took dingy across to Hamilton Island-very blowy and swelly, arrived a bit wet but safe. Tied up at the jetty climbed the long ladder and waited at the airport for Paul to arrive. When we got into the dingy, the sun was out and there was not a breathe of wind, calm trip home.

Paul had a great time in Melbourne and was so proud of Samantha. She looks great in the photos as well. Sam will be in Melbourne for another year completing her Communications course.

10 August 2007

Nomad-Roger and Diline came over - we met them in Adelaide, they said they were picking Bill and Pauline up as they were up here for the weekend celebrating their wedding anniversary. A really lovely surprise for them and me. So good to see them looking so well. It was good to see everyone and we had a sundowner on board Cockatoo.

I sewed the main sail zip which had deteriated due to sun damage and put up the wind covers on the side of the boat.

9 August 2007

Drove dingy across to Hamilton Island dropping Paul off at the airport wharf. I drove the dingy back. It is very windy and blowy but safe here in this inlet.

8 August 2007

Left Airlie Beach for Gulnare Inlet at Whitsunday Island as Paul is catching Plane to Melbourne to see Samantha graduate. We had winds of 20-25 knots and had a great sail. We passed between South and North Molle Island going through Unsafe Passage which the guides says in brackets (safe enough for yachts). We had to wait for high tide as the entrance depth is 0.7m at low tide. We are anchored in a deep hole as it is shallow everywhere. We are surrounded by tall high green hills.

My sister Liz and husband Lee have just given birth to a baby boy - Alex Thomas. Both baby and mum are doing fine. We are aunty and uncle again-very excitiing.

Paul and Tamara swinging about at Cid Harbour Tracy and Tamara at Mt Whitsunday

Tamara at Macona Bay-Whitsunday's

7 August 2007

Wednesday Col picked car up and we went and caught up with Tahaa who arrived yesterday. They are on their way further up the coast.

Tuesday borrowed Di's car and drove to Mackay. Paul had job interview. Whilst we were there did food shopping. Stopped off at Graham and Merredith's at Cape Hillsborough and ended up staying at Di and Col's for a lovely roast dinner. A great night talking and eating, heading back to the boat at 11pm.

Still at Airlie Beach.

Wednesday attended a life drawing session with Di-what a scream lots of different personalities and egos but a lot of fun.

Friday-Graham and Merredith stayed over, we met Di and Col for a sundowner and had dinner on the boat.

Saturday-Market day-went to doctors and found out I had an ear infection. New industrial sewing machine arrived. Had fun and games getting it to work, Paul won out in the end.

Sunday-windy-put bedding and blankets out on deck to air out. Sewed rain covers for the hatches with the new machine-what a breeze. Love it. Hopefully we will pick up work with it along the way. Pizza night, takeaway cost extra.

31 July 2007
Still in Airlie. Have been fixing the genoa, restitching the UV strip stitching, very tough on our hands. We hand stitched as the machine wont go through the sail layers so bit the bullet and purchased an industrial machine which will sew through the many layers of the sail. To get it sewen professionally it costs $45 per hour.

Also have treated the rust spots, painted the instrument board and cockpit table, repainted them white, srubbed the deck, polished the stainless steel and washed the side wind covers.

The tide had gone right out and the dingy was on the muddy bottom, instead of dragging it through a lot of mud we had drinks at the club. Met a couple on holidays and they are coming out for dinner tomorrow evening.

Shouted out for dinnner during the week at the chinese f-all you could eat for $20 per head. Also this week had Solan over for dinner and a game of ziltch.

26 July 2007
Our very first sighting of a whale basking in bay. We pulled anchor and headed back to Ailrie as we had to post documents off by end of week. Great SE winds 20-25 knotsw. Fantastic sail, tacked into Airlie and dropped anchor off sailing club. I got the fishing line all tangled but got it sorted out and still no fish.

Went into town and posted forms.

24 July 2007
Windy and overcast-stayed and traded on shares all day.

23 July 2007
Breakfast on board Huon Mist-omlete and champagne. What a delight then back to the boat for a kip. 2pm smoked fish picnic on the beach. A very relaxing and enjoyable day.

22 July 2007
Airlie Beach to Double Bay-east - 10.6nm - 2 hours
Strong wind, chop and swell not oo bad. Sailed with genoa up averaging 5-6 knots. Huon Mist here at anchor. BBQ on beach tonight. Beach is very protected and we sat in the sun out of the wind.

21 July 2007
Market day today, headed off to the Sat markets to buy fresh fruit and veg and met Di from Esoteric selling her pearl jewellery. We then went back to Di and Col's place for a drink, see the lovely wildlife (family of five kookaburra's, sulphur crested cockatoo, rosella's, etc) and dinner. I had a long relaxing soal in the bath while Paul and Di whent and did some food shopping. We ended up having dinner and got driven back to our dingy. A lovely evening.

20 July 2007
Cid Harbour to Hamilton Island to Airlie Beach - 20nm - 4 hours
left at 7.30 am Tamara still sleeping, headed off to Hamilton Island straight into the wind, it was too exposed to anchor aff Hamil;ton Island so we radioed to the marina who said we could have a mooring for one hour-then they tell us it is $12.00per hour so we dropped the mooring and headed back out. Paul and Tamara loaded the dingy and took off to drop her off at the jetty near the airport while I held the boat into the wind.

Once Paul was back on board we headed off to Airlie Beach, wind at 25-30 knots gusting to 40 knots with genoa up we sailed with speeds upto 7 knots. A beautiful sail with a bullet coming off the cliffs near Airlie which gave us a surprise then straight after that the wind died and we motored and anchored off Airlie Beach near CatNap.

Going ashore we paid our $5.50 admin and $1.00 per day for dingy mooring and walked around the town meeting Lyn and Craig from Solan. We went to the Water Police to enquire about the $150 fine we recieved for non-registration and sent in a letter addressing our concerns. We then had drinks at the sailing club and found pizza for dinner.

19 July 2007
Macona Bay to Cid Harbour - 8.3nm - 1.50 hours
Wind picking up, We slept in and had a relaxing morning. By the time we picked up the anchor we were the only ones in the bay. With genoa up we hit 5 knots under sail although the wind was tight. We headed to Henning Island but decided that the current/swell and wind would make that anchorage too uncomfortable and so decided to anchor at Cid Harbour which we knew was more protected. It was very cold and windy and we joined a lot of other boats in this lovely protected bay surrounded by high hills and lovel;y green trees. We were heading to Whitehaven Beach but the wind was in the wrong driection, Tamara will miss out on seeing this incrediable beach, maybe next time. Tamara catches the 9.20 flight back to civilisation tomorrow morning.

18 July 2007
Cid Harbour to Macona Bay-Hook Island - 7 nm - 1.30 hours
Motor sailed. Paul had connected sonar to remote screen in cockpit and tested it our coming close to reefs on entry to the bay (YIPES!!- it works thank goodness). Solan was at anchor here. Went ashore and found small beach with soft sand. Sundowner on baord Solan.

17 July 2007
Whitsunday Island to Cid Harbour-Sawmill Beach - 9.7nm - 2.15 hours
Motored over to Hamilton Island, I drove the boat around while Tamara and Paul wnet ashore in the dingy to the post office. On thier return the genoa whent up and we headed off to Cid Harbour. There was a strong current between the two Islands Henning and Whitsunday Islands. beautiful Bay.

We wemt ashore and walked up a rocky creek bed. Then finding the track to the beach we went on, taking a wrong turn found ourselves at the top of Whitsunday Peak. Good Climb.

16 July 2007
Went ashore to collect mail and had a coffee ($4.50 each) while we waited to pick Tamara up. We walked around the marina and picked Tamara up at 3.55pm in the dingy just outside the airport. She looked lovely and so grown up.

15 July 2007
Linderman Island to Whitsunday Island - 9 nm - 2 hours
Passed close to stunning island with huge peak and cliffs called Perserverance Island. The wind picked up outside of the Island and approached Hamilton Island with the high rise resort and surfcats, realising we were back in civilisation. We anchored off the Wihitsunday Island at Beach 25 to wait for Tamara to arrive tomorrow. We could see large planes taking off and landing. Recieved and email from Scot and Sue who informed us that thier boat had just sunk in the marina.

13 July 2007
Shaw Island to Linderman Island - 5 nm - 1 hour
Geona up, doing 6 knots with .5 knot of current assisting us. Anchored in small bay, vegetated high hills and rocky beach. We walked with Huon Mist to lookout. Absolutely stunning views with a cold wind making us rug up to keep warm. Paul helped Huon Mist bottle thier home brewed beer and I stayed on board. During that short time the wind changed and we hit bottom on an outgoing tide, by the time I decided to pull anchor and move fuerther out we were grounded. We had to wait for high tide heading out and anchoring in deep water prior to sunset. We took a bottle of champagne to Huon Mist to drink to our freedom.

12 July 2007
Thomas Island to Burning Point-Shaw Island - 5.8 nm - 1.15 hours
Good winds, genoa up, motor on to charge batteries. Short sharp waves with white caps. We had a good sail anchoring in lovely sheltered bay protected from the wind.

11July 2007
Goldsmith Island to Thomas Island NE Bay 9 nm 2 hours

Motor sailed with geona up. Wind gusts (SW 10-15knt) making it very rolly as there was also some swell as well. We anchored and two turtes came close by to check us out. We took three goes at anchoring- each time due to lack of internet connection. Third time lucky we had a strong signal. Paul was busy constructing a cockpit table and wen done we both went for a wlak on the beach. We followed a creek bed up and blue tape on trees finding ourselves on the otherside of the island in a rocky bay looking back to Goldsmith Island.

Lorrikets eating bread from our hands at Great Keppel Island.

10 July 2007

Sitting at anchor in windy and rolly conditions, a bit chilly as well catching up on blog. and emails, etc.

9 July 2007
Cape Hillsborough to Goldsmith Island 15 nm - 3 hours

Wind tight and the swell sloppy so a reasonable uncomfortable trip, we motored with the sun out and the gonoa slapping with the light winds but just holding. Tide was low and we caught no fish AGAIN except for a small fish which Cocoa devoured with relish. We could see the bombies in the water, we had trouble anchoring as the anchor was not digging in so put out 40m chain. Sundowner on board tonight with boats in bay, and paul spent the afternoon cutting out wood for the table and instrument board in the cockpit before they came over. Windy night.

6-8 July 2007

Graham and Merredith are having a few days off from rennovating the house on thier farm so we went into Seaforth and saw their boat out of the water and looked around the town. We also went into Mackay did some Bunnings shopping and food shopping looking around the town. Loading the shopping into the dingy we got everything soaking wet as the waves broke over the sides of the dingy. It was lovely to have a shower back at the farm. Took the car by ourselves back into Mackay to fill the jerry cans and check out the marina.

We all went on a drive to Airle Beach (after I got my hair cut) having a Burger at a local pub on the way. Beautiful cane country. Saw Laguna Quays, Shute Harbour and Airle Beach. Having a drink on Catnap where Paul installed MaxSea on thier computer.

A large snake slithered past the door which Merredith nearly went through before she saw it. It was huge. Slept well.

5 July 2007
Turtle Bay, Brampton Island to Cape Hillsborough - 18.2 nm - 3 Hours 30 minutes
Farewelled Solan and motor sailed to the mainland, the wind was tight and put the genoa up it just held with a bit of slapping every now and then when the wind dropped out of it. We anchored in a delightful protected bay with lots of small dingies fishing and people on the beach (school holidays). We met Graham and Merredith from Straycat on the beach and they took us to their lovely property not far, next to the national park and surrounded by tall hills. We ate and drank and stayed overnight.

4 July 2007
Scawfell Island to Turtle Bay, Brampton Island -18.2nm-3 Hours 30 minutes
Left at 8am and put A symetric up but with little wind and it coming from the wrong angle it soon came down. Motored and anchored in 10 metres of water. Able to see resort from boat but yachties are not welcome. We walked on beach and enjoyed the beautiful clear blue water where we could see the bottom and the green forested hills.

Solan coming over for dinner.

3 July 2007
Rest day, slept in, and walked on beach with lots of butterflies. Had dinner and when finished crapped left overs overboard and up came two 1 metre sharks, well, I won't be swimming on sun set or at night.

Tried fishing but nothing was interested.

2 July 2007
West Beach, Percy Island to Scawfell Island-60 nm-12 Hours and 30 minutes
Motored and put up A symetric but with little wind it soon came down. We were expecting 15 knots which never eventuated. The sun is out, lovely calm seas, did the washing and it dried underway. Sailed into beautiful bay amongst high green forested hills and a brilliant orange sunset.

Had dinner aboard Solan.

1 July 2007
South Percy Island to West Beach, Percy Island-9 nm- 1 Hour and 30 minutes
Motored and sailed with genoa up for a short time. Caught a big fish but it got off. It is a beautiful sunny day. We anchored off a lovely white sandy beach. This is where an A Frame hut is holding lots of boat names, we made a sign and hung it up. Lots of butterflies.

There was a campfire smoldering on the beach so we stoked it up and had a BBQ on the beach, lots of boaties came ashore for drinks and dinner, even a powerboat with a huge fish which was shared around.

30 June 2007
Leeke's Beach, Great Keppel Island to South Percy Island-98.5 nm - 17 hrs

Motor sailed and wind was strong enough we sailed. Had to do a long trip as the Shoalhaven Defence Range is active and had to go around the restricted area. Lots of warships out and about, and a sub we heard over the radio (haven't spotted that one yet). Had a possible collision course with tanker coming behind us, Paul radioed him and he passed in front of us.

Sun came out and we anchored in beautiful bay, we sat on a rock on way into bay, lots of bombies. There is a wreck on the beach.

Bllue moon so full moon and very bright.